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Monday, November 13, 2006

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I know, I know, it was a lame joke and I promise it will never happen again. Well, at least I hope so;) Anyhoo, this week I installed Flash 9 Beta on my laptop and it works very great and exceeds my expectations. If you have already tried the tutorial please be aware that using untrusted repositories are to be used AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I myself did not have any problem with it nor do I anticipate any. I would being doing a great disservice to my listeners if I did not include the following;

My advice is when using untrusted repositories (ie, not certified safe by Ubuntu developers) you do so at your own risk. If you feel that the repository that you just used to install the Flash 9 Beta is suspect please delete it from your sources.list using the same edit technique described in the podcast.

I must reiterate that Trevino's repository is BELIEVED to be safe, but in any case, no offense to Trevino, adjust your repositories list according to your own level of trust. I will tell you at this point that the reason Ubuntu is secure is that they only recommend and use trusted repos meaning that they have been checked (for lack of a better word) for possible threats. So, please be wise with any new repositories that you might come into contact with and judicious in your use of them.

Here is the link to the website:

Flash 9 from everythingwlse.blogspot.com



Well this weeks CLCOTW is not exactly a command but it is a good tip!

Just remember if you forget the spelling of the command just press the TAB key and it will either finish the command for you or give you a list of commands that start with the letters that you typed.

Ubuntu disks Available

If you would like to have an Ubuntu Dapper Disk please contact Michael Castellon, here is his email and his website address:

Michael Castellon


He has about 50 of the factory disks complete with sleeve and is willing to part with them. Thank you Michael for providing this service for my listeners.

Well, See you all next week, Ciao!!

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Looking at the Flash Nine installation show notes; I don't see the commands to type in to the terminal window to complete the installation.

Harry said...
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How stupid of me, I didn't post a link!!! Here us the link:


Thanks for the update and I will fix that ASAP.

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