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Sunday, November 26, 2006

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Item 1 - Children in Need

Children in Need, a UK charity, are destined to benefit from the generosity of members of our wonderful community. An Ubuntu t-shirt signed by luminaries such as Mark Shuttleworth, Jon 'Maddog' Hall, Jono Bacon and many others including Canonical staff and community members will be auctioned by the Ubuntu UK Team, with the money raised to go to the Children in Need charity. Jono Bacon has also contributed a signed copy of "Official Ubuntu Book" to raise the stakes and get more people interested. AUCTION MAY BE OVER BUT THERE IS A LINK TO THE CHARITY FOR YOU TO MAKE YOUR DONATIONS.

Item 2 - Ubuntu Takes the Prize
16 November 2006, London - Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, today announced it has scooped another two awards for Ubuntu, its leading-edge Linux distribution. At the Linux New Media Awards, on Wednesday 15th November, Ubuntu was awarded 'Most User-Friendly Linux Distribution', and Canonical the 'Best combination of Community and Commerce'. Ubuntu also picked up the 'Best Linux/Open Source Distribution', for the second year running, at the 2006 UK Linux and Open Source Awards in October.

Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu, commented. We are all extremely proud of the impact Ubuntu has made, and proud that Ubuntu is seen as one of the finest examples of user-friendly Linux. With the commitment and dedication of our excellent community, and with the huge leaps in functionality and usability upstream, we are confident that Ubuntu and the open source world can continue to provide our users with a high quality, modern experience.

One of the core principles behind the continuing success of Ubuntu is community, and I am intensely proud of what our diverse, enthusiastic community has achieved and how Canonical has worked to maintain a transparent and open process. The 'Best combination of Community and Commerce' award highlights the commitment and drive of our community to collaborate effectively, and everyone who has contributed to Ubuntu deserves it. I am positive this accolade will continue to inspire and encourage an already inspired community of contributors said Jono Bacon, Community Leader for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is freely available, including security updates for five years on servers, with no restrictions on usage and no requirement to purchase subscriptions per deployment. Full telephone and online support on commercial terms is available globally from Canonical Ltd and other companies.

Item 3 - Customize your own LiveCD

Ever wanted to customise an Ubuntu LiveCD to your own tastes? With the UCK you can. Version 1.3 was released on the 10th of November, and includes support for the latest stable Ubuntu release, Ubuntu 6.10 "Edgy Eft". For more information on the UCK, click the title of this story.

Linux restricted modules - Here is the link to the restricted modules

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Hi Harlem

First, I want to say I love you show. This is mt first comment because only now have I finished listening to all the episodes.

I also use Ubuntu. I'm on Edgy. Started with Daper.

I have one question for you.

- Which software do you use to listen to podcasts? I'm trying PenguimTV, because it also subscribes to video podcasts, but it keeps crashing all the time.

Keep up the good work

Ricardo Gomes (from Portugal)

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