Ubuntu Studio Impression

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finally, it is good to be back! As I explain in the podcast I was...well, I'll just let you listen to it. You can download Episode 34 here.

Here is the link to the Ubuntu Mobile Edition news article. Click here.

Here is the link to the New Torrent Team. Press Here.

And, here is the link to the story submission list. Just mail your story submissions to ubuntu-marketing-submissions@lists.ubuntu.com and who knows you might see one of your submissions in the new mag!

In this episode I talk about Ardour for the package magic segment. Here is the link to ardour.

Also, I talk about Ubuntu Studio! yes I downloaded the iso and installed it on my aging desktop you can listen to my first impressions.

Here is the music I played.

Sunshine In A Shot Glass

Download "All My Friends Are Crazy" (mp3)
from "Sunshine In A Shot Glass"
by 500 Miles To Memphis
Deep Elm

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The Hands Up EP

Download "Hands Up" (mp3)
from "The Hands Up EP"
by Red Collar
307 Knox Records

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All Or Nothing At All

Download "All Or Nothing At All" (mp3)
from "All Or Nothing At All"
by Joey DeFrancesco

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    Afraid to Dance

    Download "Afraid to Dance" (mp3)
    from "Afraid to Dance"
    by Eric Colville
    Copacetic Records

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