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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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Well, the release of Edgy Eft has come and gone and frankly I am not happy with the results. I have not personally installed it on my computer just yet. And, I don't anticipate installing it until I hear some better news. So far I have read one report from a blog that had some troubles installing it via a dist-upgrade (the link is below), and on of my listeners has had a, how shouldI say this, "not so fun time installing on a laptop. FOR THE TIME BEING STICK WITH DAPPER UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!!


Item 1 Canonical Launches New Ubuntu Release for Desktops and Servers

Item 2 Edgy Release Notes

Item 3 More about ORCA

Item 4 Upgrade Woes

Some good new! Matt Taylor of Distrowatch.com reviewed my podcast and will plug it on his podcast either this week or next. I have a link to this podcast below.

Matt Taylor of distro watch weekly podcast

A new friend has started a blog for Ubuntu SysAdmins, check it out and show him some love!!
Ubuntu Server Admin blog - by Ted Streit

Also, Check out Peter N. Blog that might shed some light on his installation of EdgyEft.
at - http://blog.nikolaidis.com/

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I enjoy your podcast and sorry I only post about errors (shred) but here is another little nit-pick. It is XFCE not XCFE (as you have noted in every reference to this most wonderful DE). I say that you spend a week in XFCE, get to know it and love it and do a podcast on XFCE. This is a very capable GTK desktop. There is a grahpical installer here, http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/xfce/xfce4-

Or, I believe ubuntu has xubuntu-desktop package or something like that.

So, a few kind words. Great podcast and excellent sound quality. I really like the command line tips. Keep up the good work.


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