Ubuntu Strength Security Pt II

Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcome Back,

The comic is from Randall Munroe from his website xkcd.com, funny! I would like to thank Peter who was vacationing in Greece for letting me know that one of my links was not working. the link should happily redcirect you to the Ubuntu Counter Project. Also, here is that link from Linux.com titled "top tips for new ubuntu users". Let me know what you think. Check out the new service from Google called Google Related Content the box should be in the left margin. I think it is still in beta but I have seen it and has given some relevant suggestions if not for ubuntu specific items at least Linux related stuff. I dont make any money of of this, I just thought it was a good way to give the end user more information. Here are the news items that I covered with the links to them

News #1 - http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS6147197554.html
News #2 - http://www.linuxextremist.com/?p=100

This week, I installed a package that helps to configure the built in firewall (iptables) in Ubuntu. A usefull application for those of us who wish to add another layer of security to our already industrial strength security found in every linux machine:)

Thanks for all the comments and participation, I'll be speaking to you all very soon.

If you are looking for the ogg feed you can subscribe to it by putting the URL feeds.feedburner.com/FreshUbuntuOgg into your podcatcher.

Next week, I plan to do a short book review among other things see you soon, Ciao!

Posted by harlem at 3:58 PM  


Love the show. I downloaded the KDE desktop, but never could find out how to switch to it until you told me. Now all I have to do is figure out where Beagle went to... besides in memory. Wish I could actually click on something to use the damned thing, but so far that dog won't hunt.

Small correction of something that is of little importance other than grating on the ears when I hear it. Gnome. The G is silent and the word is pronounced like the city in Alaska that is pronounded the same and spelled without a G.

Now, I'll be off to grab Episode 9. Thanks for the good work!

Anonymous said...
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Only one thing to say: Love your show, thanks.

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