Setup HP Printer on Ubuntu

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Welcome back! Hope you enjoy some of the changes I've made to my blog. Hopefully soon I will be able to host this on my own domain, but until then this will have to do which isn't so bad at all.

Also, I recently had some technical difficulty with my feed. If it were not for the good folks at Feedburner most notably Eric Lunt of Technical Support who got me up and running earlier today (Sept 26, 06). This podcast may still be out. Thank you Feed Burner and Eric for your speedy response and top notch technical expertise.

This week I decided to hook up my old HP Photosmart 7350 to my laptop running Ubuntu and it was a huge success! Not that I was worried. So far, I have my PCMCIA wireless card running well and now my printer is working. You might be wondering, "what took me so long?". Well, primarily because I rarely print anything nowadays so I really have no need for a printer. Which leads you to the next question, "So why did you attach your printer given that fact that I don't print often?". Basically, to make sure that it could be done as easily as if it were done in Windows. And, IMHO, it was just as easy.

You can download the podcast here - Episode 10

Before you buy any new printer go to this website:

I hope you enjoyed this podcast.


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