Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So, I've finally gotten out of summer mode long enough to get the next podcast put together. You can listen or download this episode here. Inside the podcast I talk about a new package that I have been using lately and some interesting news worthy of inclusion and then I talk about some of the packages that they should include in a plain vanilla installation of ubuntu. Now I realize that it is easy enough to download these yourself, but if you are a new to linux user you may not know what to do outside of turning on your browser. I found out the hard way that these programs do indeed give a level of comfort and convenience in my day-to-day routine. Also, even though a plain vanilla installation of Ubuntu gives you almost everything you need to get started, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll get started in the right direction. I have left out Automatix on purpose because I am not the biggest fan of Automatix, yet, I must confess I use it! Why the dichotomy? I use it because it is so easy. Just point and click on the packages that allows you to do what you want and press install. On the other hand, if you have been using Ubuntu for awhile then you also know that all of the packages that Automatix offers is easily downloadable through the repos which makes me just plain lazy. So, I praise Automatix for its ease of use but lament it because it shows my human weaknesses. Plus, Automatix gets plenty of press so I chose to leave it out, sorry guys.



Gutsy Gibbon tribe 1 is out

Wubuntu - the ubuntu interface, not the actual ubuntu OS, on the internet

Beryl/Composite merge is beginning with the advent of the new forum for the merge

Packages they left out but wish they didn't


cdparanoia - an audio CD reading utility which includes extra data verification features
cdparanoia retrieves audio tracks from CDDA-capable CDROM drives. The
data can be saved to a file or directed to standard output in WAV,
AIFF, AIFF-C or raw format. Most ATAPI and SCSI and several propri‐
etary CDROM drive makes are supported; cdparanoia can determine if the
target drive is CDDA capable.

In addition to simple reading, cdparanoia adds extra-robust data veri‐
fication, synchronization, error handling and scratch reconstruction

Thanks for joining me and we'll see you again soon. Here is a list of the music that was played on the podcast kindly provided by Ioda Promonet.

Traveler '06

Download "Mumtaz" (mp3)
from "Traveler '06"
by Bombay Dub Orchestra
Six Degrees Travel Series

More On This Album

Best Reason To Buy The Sun

Download "Becky" (mp3)
from "Best Reason To Buy The Sun"
by The Benevento/Russo Duo
Ropeadope Records

More On This Album

Walkin' Target

Download "Plain Speaking" (mp3)
from "Walkin' Target"
by Ashtech
Interchill Records

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Subterranean Kicks

Download "Hope The Light" (mp3)
from "Subterranean Kicks"
by The Furze
Three Sixty Records

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