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Monday, December 18, 2006

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The kids can hardly wait get any sleep in anticipation of Christmas. I don't blame them. I couldn't sleep either when I was their age. I submitted my 'list' to my parents and hoped that they would get the biggest, most expensive gift on the list. I would often be surprised, and sometimes disappointed (on the naughty list those years). I am rarely disappointed nowadays with Ubuntu. It makes a perfect gift for anyone you might know, still though there are a few things I would like to ask for and in this episode I 'submit' my list to St Mark, patron Saint of Canonical (whoa, sounds way too Catholic...memories flooding back. No! not the ruler!!! Not again...). I realize that this list is most likely incomplete at best. So feel free to leave a comment by pressing on the word comments at the end of the post and adding to the list. Please, leave a name (real or otherwise) so I can showcase it on the next podcast. It beats being called 'anonymous'. I hope you enjoyed the podcast!


Item 1. === Introduction to Ubuntu Security ===

Item 2. === Ubuntu: The Linux poster child ===

Item 3. === Ubuntu in South Australian Parliament ===

Item 4. === MAKE Zine adds Ubuntu to its Christmas shopping list ===


df - The df utility displays the disk space usage on all mounted filesystems. Below is a pic of the usage on my terminal.

du - You can use the du command to determine which files or directories need to be deleted -- or at least trimmed. A simple du will print usage for the present working directory and its subdirectories, along with the size of each directory. Here is the pic for the usage:

Here is the list for the bumper music I used.

Hathead - from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network


Download "Espionage" (mp3)
from "Atlantis"
by Technetium
WTFD Records

Midnight Bossa - Brian McRae - from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network

Posted by harlem at 6:56 PM  


Fresh Kubuntu?

that is Konsole in those screen shots.


Anonymous said...
8:20 PM  

Hi Ezerhoden!

You are a perceptive one aren't you!! I have been switching off on Kubuntu and Xubuntu just to get a more well rounded experience. Thanks for your comments!!


Anonymous said...
5:07 AM  

glad to hear about xubuntu. xfce has been my desktop of choice for 1.5 years now. i can run kde,gnome, etc just fine. but i choose xfce because it does what it needs to do perfectly and does not get in the way. you dont notice it, you just get your work done.

this is from the xfce manual:
"The Xfce 4 Desktop Environment is not a single entity that provides all funtionality, but rather it tries to adhere to the old UNIX tradition of small tools that do one job and do it best."

Merry Christmas to you and your family


Anonymous said...
11:57 AM  

I must agree with you, I love the simplicity and quickness that is very noticeable on an older machine such as mine. Oh, and I finally figured out who Bob is!! (duh, it's the blonde in me). Well, have a great day. Ciao.


Anonymous said...
3:23 PM  

The applications that I wish were available for Linux are Intuit's Quicken and Apple's iTunes. I know there are Linux alternatives for both of those, but I haven't been able to switch. In the case of Quicken, I have years of history in the Quicken format and Quicken seemlessly integrates with the financial institutions I do business with. It would be hard to give that up. I might be able to replace my use of iTunes if I can find an application that will manage Podcasts and sync them to my multiple iPods in a similar way. Maybe there is already such an application. If so, please share. If I could use Quicken and iTunes on my Ubuntu Linux installation, I would say goodbye to Windows for good.

Ken Weiner said...
5:48 PM  

Hi Harlem,

Greetings from Germany! I'm so glad I gave your podcast a chance, because I was searching for Ubuntu-podcasts in German and wasn't sure, if I could understand everything. But I've got no problems so far. I've listened to nearly all of the episodes during my Christmas holidays and I love your podcast. It's interesting for newbies and experienced users as well. My favourites are the CLCOTW. Reminds me of the old MS-DOS days and animate me to deal with the console more often.

I myself thought about giving Linux a try for nearly a year now. But only several weeks ago I purchased a Linux magazine with a live DVD of Ubuntu 6.10 . My first try was to install it on the small second Harddrive of my old desktop PC (only 7 GB). Everthing went well. But after a few days I was sure I have to grant my old machine a new 250 GB harddrive and a cheap Nvidia graphic card (because I couldn't find Linux drivers for my old one and the VESA driver was to slow to make real fun). Yesterday I managed to install Beryl and it runs perfectly with the new graphic card!

Due to your podcast and many hours on many forums and sites I came to the decision that I will now install Ubuntu on my notebook as well (as a dual-boot solution with a rudimental Windows XP installation). Unfortunately there are still some Windows applications I couldn't/or don't want to replace with Linux software yet (iTunes, my CMS which I use to create and administer my web site and MS Publisher).

I hope I won't have too much problems with my PCMCIA-WiFi card. I'm a little bit scared since I listened to your "upgrade nightmare"...

Coming to an end I would like to suggest a new section for your show: "Linux alternative of the week (or month)". Would be great, if you could present an alternative Linux application or tool to replace a Windows program.

Keep up your good work. Looking forward to your next shows and wish you and your family a happy new year!

All the best,


Anonymous said...
5:54 AM  

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