Windows Equivalent Apps for Ubuntu

Monday, August 28, 2006

I covered some Windows equivalent software for ubuntu and came up with the usual suspects for those of you who are more experienced users. You know OpenOffice, gimp, gaim...but there are also some others that are "new" finds especially for us new2ubuntu types like rezound, ardour, and gnuCash. Here is a link to the list. If there are any users who can suggest others your comments are appreciated.

I also mentioned that I got my ship-it discs a few days ago and they look good. Each disc came in a sleeve with 5 people in a huddle....not bad. Did I mention I got some cool stickers with them? Lucky....

Ouch! I got hit by the x server bug. I tried to reconfigure the xorg.config but it didnt work, so I went ahead and reinstalled Ubuntu. I haven't been without any problems with ubuntu os but I will say this. the reinstall only took 30 minutes and was painless. Had I waited a day i could have salvaged the installation but it neither here nor there at this point.

Check out Ubuntu Counter here. You get a number that and a button that you can put on your website or emails, pretty nifty if you are into that kind of thing. Well, that's it see you again soon.

If you are looking for the Ogg vorbis feed It is right here.

Posted by harlem at 6:45 PM  


I was listening to your nice podcast while I was on vacation in greece. And I took the chance to visit your homepage while testing the internet cafe there. I am looking forward to listen to your next podcast.
Btw. the link to the ubuntu counter has a %22 at the end before the forward slash.

Keep on podcasting!

Best regards
Peter from Germany

Anonymous said...
10:19 AM  


Hope you had a wonderful holiday, thanks for the tip. I will change that right away.


harlem said...
12:25 PM  

Hey man. Love the show. I was looking for the link you spoke of that contained the 10 ten tips for new ubuntu users. Anyway, I thought it would be useful to put on your blog. Thanks for the great tips!


Anonymous said...
5:39 PM  

Through yours this week's podcast, I discovered This gives me no more excuses not to abandon the Windows' ship except my laziness. Good work. Thanks.


Unknown said...
7:49 AM  

Thank you zhao for your kind words. I think that we often do not have the right information which can paralyze us to the point of indecision. Its my hope that this podcast can bring to light the choices we have.

Also, I will try to put the link up for the "10 tips for new ubuntu users" as soon as I can remember where I put my notes. Thanks for being patient.

harlem said...
2:34 PM  

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