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Monday, March 05, 2007

I received an email recently that brought me back to reality and was the entire reason why I started the podcast. So, before I get entirely off track I thought I would devote the main segment of the podcast to going back to basics. I do this because the podcast can potentially get new listeners every six or so months, mostly due to the Ubuntu release cycles. And, I think that is good for the podcast, but, not so good for new listeners who just come on board. Now, I realize that it is just as easy to go back and get prior episodes but who has the time? So, with that in mind you can download episode 28 at this link.

Here are the links to the news items mentioned in the podcast.

Ubuntu Chooses Not to Enable 3D Desktop By Default

Feisty Fawn Herd 5 Released

Ubuntu Live In My Backyard!!

For the package of the week, I chose gPodder. Yet another podcatcher, but this is really simple and elegant. It is also in current development, and licensed under GPL. Like I said in the podcast, "Liferea makes for a great feed reader and also handles podcasts nicely. But, gPodder is a great alternative for downloading all those podcasts that you listen to. the link is here.

Oh, and before I forget, here is a good tutorial for installing packages from source and a few nice ubuntu tips.

If you are looking for a good review of Feisty Fawn Herd 3 you can find it on Peter Nikolaidis' blog.

Well, that about does it for links. I hope I didn't miss any. Just let me know otherwise and I will provide them for you. Just one more link to add and that is form ZIM whose song I played at the end of the podcast call 'Misnomer'. A deeply melodic and engaging tune that I hope you'll all like. Here is the link to his page.


Music for the podcast was provided by the IODA PROMONET.

Not Today

Download "Not Today" (mp3)
from "Not Today"
by Josh Ryan
The Velvet Farm

Original Ragga Muffin Part One

Download "Collie Weed" (mp3)
from "Original Ragga Muffin Part One"
by Barrington Levy
Azra Music Publishing


Download "Lover (Flux Remix Instr)" (mp3)
from "Lover"
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Another fantastic show; a veritable utopia of ubuntu information. (Sorry, couldn't complete the illiteration) Hearing that you're a dad to 5 lends huge authenticity (and charm) to your show, but as a dad of 3, I'm biased. ;) A few things happened since my last note to you that may be of interest to the "newbs" among us (like me)

1)My system "fell down and couldn't get up" requiring that I do a complete reload of Edgy Eft. (It may have to do with a USB issue and my Kensington mouse -- but don't take that to the bank.) I've set my workflow up so that I don't store any critical files, so my panic was minimal. The difference between the upgraded system (from Dapper) vs a full installation has proven to be significant (as it usually is on Mac and Windows)

2)After upgrading, my system didn't “see” the laptop's D-Link G650 PCMCIA (People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms) After fretting over what the problem was with MadWifi (and subsequent uninstall and reinstall – as it did work via the upgrade) I switched to ndiswrapper – and I love it. What a difference by way of reliability and performance. Of course, your mileage may vary.

3)If there's any web developers amongst the audience that need to target the unnamed 800-pound gorilla, check out “ie4linux” http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page It greatly eases (painless if you are comfortable with the command line – they have ubuntu instructions) installing “Internet Explorer” onto your system and sets up wine for when you need it.

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